Hall Bathroom Remodel


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The bathroom was set up for handicap access with an extra wide door, rails, etc. There was wall paper and a lot of shelving. The flooring was vinyl. We removed everything except the tub enclosure. We replaced the wide door with a new smaller door, put up new drywall, removed all wall paper, replaced the vinyl flooring with tile. The new furniture came from Lowes. We chose an American Standard toilet which seems to be very good quality. We chose a bright yellow paint for the wall since it is an interior room to lighten it up. At first it was scary as it looked like a yellow bus had parked in there. There is a solar tube in the ceiling which allows sunlight in and really illuminates the room.


Paint Tile Drywall mud Tile Flooring Paint supplies Drywall Drywall Saw Drywall joint compound Tools Tile adhesive Drywall Screws Tile and grout sealer

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