Hand made wood fence


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Time to redo the back yard and with years of living with a bad well decided to do something different. No grass! Started to take old wood fence that was an old piece of junk that I put in 25 years ago. Wasn't a big fan of vinyl fences but we get some very high wind here a few times a year ( 60 to 100mph) Yes 100 mph in December 2011) and wood fences normally dont hold up without alot of repairs but vinyl alot of times blow out in sections to another town. What to do? Ran into a grundle of 4X6 dry rough cut Western Red Cedar Posts in lengths from 12 to 20feet for 50 cents a foot, so a plan was made. Built a 7 1/2 foot fence 120 feet long. Cut 6' lengths then ripped them into 4 pieces so I would get 4 7/8"X6" slats out of each one. Cost 75 cents each. Used 4 2X6 pressure treated as rails in each 6 ' foot section. Put the 4X6 posts in 6' apart for better strength. It turned out to be a great fence and I finished building it in the fall of 2011 before the 100mph winds hit in December. I thiink it would stand up to 200mph. Got good advice here on the forum about stain and such. I tried to make both sides of the fence appealing. Let me know if you agree.

outside view


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