Handicapped Ramp Project


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This was a Memorial Day weekend project for my bother and I at our Mom's house to help her get around better.The step from the kitchen is about 8" and there originally was a small ramp - about 3' long - coming straight out, but she needed something safer.Platform is 4'x6'. Perimeter boards are 2x8's with plywood as the flooring.Anti-slip matting is added to that.When finished it is nearly exactly level with the kitchen floor.We improved the doorway by removing the metal threshold as trip hazard


2 x 8 s 2 x 4 s 2 x 2 s Three quarter plywood Rubber matting Lag screwsand washers Exterior screws

Laying out the first couple of base boards. These are 2x8's.

Finishing the 2x8 frame for the platform portion.

Joists added.

Platform and primary ramp completed; working on second ramp.

Platform and ramps completed.

Non-slip matting added and start of railing installation.

Finished project.

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