Hardwood Music Stand

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This project was from plans in Woodsmith Magazine. The original plans called for ash, but I used quarter-sawn white oak instead. It also has a small amount of cherry and knobs are walnut. Due to the limitations of my table saw, I had to modify the plans in the area of the attachment of the feet. As drawn, the plans require a 10" or larger table saw to make the proper cuts, mine is an ancient (was my Grandfather's) 8". The legs were individually cut and joinery was by dovetail. When I make another one, I'll opt for mortise and tenon for these. Assembly was pretty straight forward, just time-consuming due to the number of pieces and how they go together. Took First Place and Best in Show at 2017 Florida State Fair in Fine Woodworking/Accessories.


Threaded rod Quarter sawn white oak Cherry Walnut knobs Threaded inserts Minwax stain Winwax wipe on satin poly

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