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The water heater cuts of when electronic fan switch turn on if heat is too high. I went from wastefull to a reasonable temperature, electrical inspector aprooved. I have a rental unit this took one year from full blast heating always on (just open a window policy) 1000 dollar rent 398square foot apartment, dwelling, rental unit. RTDRS ensueing Land lord, soon to get info. Next project how to get 2x no 14 gauge copper wires 115 v 15 amp 80percent charge thus 12amp loads... to a self made box 2 extension cords to a grounded box no12 gauge, 20 amp fuse, 115v, single outlet for periodic welding with a welding machine GMAW. Rather than seek proximity to 230 v 30 amp kitchen plug. Will set a trip GFCI tell me what canadian codes I am infracting... rather than modifying fusebox, or buying stove gauge extension cord for a 115 v 20 amp welder

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