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I am a newbie when it comes to woodwork but this project was easy even for me magnetic paddle strop you can have as many stropping materials as you like all on the same strop with this magnetic paddle strop. this project can be completed with things found around the house I used a piece of reclaimed hard wood for the paddle it's not teak but looks similar the wood has a hole in it I'm not going to cover it because it's a reminder that this piece of wood is reclaimed and it's a cool feature cut the wood to 18" long any shorter and you won't have room for a handle! and as wide as you like most people like 3" however I chose 67mm I squared off the angle that was on the wood as a nice feature I did this with a sanding block and some wet/dry sanding paper 80/120 grit draw and cut out your handle with a jigsaw then sand it smooth coat the whole piece of wood with teak oil using a brush or cloth using little circles to get the teak oil right into the grain I used a brush then wipe off the excess oil with a cloth leave it at least 24 hours then coat it again coat it 5 times leaving it to dry 24 hours in between each coat then leave 4 days before continuing. glue the magnetic stainless steel to the paddle using the g clamps to make sure it holds solid make sure you steel is properly lined up where you want it before tightening the clamps make sure you protect the wood and the steel from marks by using foam or better still plywood board if it marks sand the marks off later make sure to wipe the excess glue off before it sets it saves sanding it off later. leave to set for at least 24 hours almost done now use finer sandpaper in a progression to get a smooth finish 300 then 600 then 1200 is what I used and it came out perfect. if you want you could oil the wood one more time after the finest sandpaper and I suggest you do. then just glue some of the magnetic strip to the back of your stropping material and your ready to go. tips: when buying your steel you should make sure its 12" long which is a standard paddle strops stropping surface and as wide as you want it I chose 69mm. on the strop they should be room for a handle and some wood at each end for aesthetic purposes (see finished pics) it looks great but it doesn't look as good if the metal goes right to the end of the wood. I chose my wood to be 67mm wide and made sure my metal was 2mm wider because I wanted it to look like the stropping material was balanced on top of the wood and not stuck to it this makes it look more aesthetically pleasing but this is just my preference. store your strop and stropping materials on a magnetic white board or the side of the fridge.


Sandpaper Magnetic stainless steel Magnetic rack tape Teak oil Stropping materials G clamps Ply board

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