How to craft for cosplay from polyester - League Of Legends

6 tools

In general, by step, I think everything is clear, the work is not difficult, but requires a certain skill. Advice: 1 - print directly the size of which will be final for your crafting. 2 - Do not use aerosol paint, corrodes polyester even through primer paint. 3 - for gluing better glue on a rubber base. 4 - I cut with a stationary knife, but this is convenient only in areas requiring extreme accuracy, in other cases, it is better to use an angle grinder.


Primer Glue Polyester Clerical knife Angel grinder Set of acrylic paints

Step1 - finddraw an image of your future craft.

Step 2 - draw a contour on a sheet of expanded polystyrene.

Finished step2.

Step 3,4,5 - cut all elements, form them and glue them together.

Step6 - paint the result according to the official arts/character.

Kindred`s bow - result.

That`s how I looked on the festival)

Group photo of my cosplay band - blade looks nice.

In-game view of the character.

Art of the character.

In-game view of the character.

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