How to Grow Your Own Chamomile for Mere Pennies

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If you are interested in growing chamomile, it is likely that you are familiar with chamomile tea. I got a box of 20 bags for 1 dollar at the dollar store. I just cut open the bag, dumped the contents into some soil, and made sure it is well watered, and put under some sort of light. Just 5 days later, I had sprouts. You can start your chamomile in a cup indoors like I did here, or just sprinkle the tea bag where you want to grow the chamomile in your garden. So, why does this technique of using a chamomile tea bag work? Well the part of chamomile that is used in making the tea is actually the flower, which is rich in seeds.


Water Soil 1 chamomile tea bag A sunny location or grow light

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