How To Make Solenoid At Home


The solenoid is the impermanent magnet, it is easy to start or end the magnetism. For example, on-off solenoid valve or lifting electromagnet. In general, the magnetic field of the solenoid is related to the current, coil turns and the iron core inside solenoid. So that, in the process of the solenoid design, we should focus on the winding distribution and iron core selection, and use the size of current to control the magnetic field. Due to the coil resistance, the size of the magnetic field is limited, with the discovery and application of superconductor, the limitation has chance to overcome. The steps: 1. prepare the tools 2. split transformers 3. choose the coil 4. check the voltage 5. assembly the transformer

this is a miniature transformer for step 1

this is the tools needed for step 1

split transformer step 2

split transformer for step 2

pick the coil for step 3

assembly for step 5

the finished solenoid

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