Hydrostream Resoration

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This 1977 hydrostream viper was saved from the dump about a year and a half ago. Since then I have replaced all the wood and a lot of the fiberglass. I have about 500 hours into it and it is still not finished. Hydrostreams boats have a thin layer of fiberglass on the outside then a 1/2" layer of bulsa wood and another thin layer of fiberglass, all the bulsa was replaced as was the top layer of fiberglass. I sanded all the gel off the bottom and painted it with epoxy with teflon in it. I wanted something unique for the top and used different colors of carbon fiber with clear gel coat over that. The boat weighs 475 pounds without the motor. It will be powered by a 2.4 liter 200 horsepower mariner outboard with a 130 HP nitrous oxide kit. The primary use will be 1/4 mile drag races.


15 gallons of polyester resin 10 yards of stitch mat fiberglass 10 yards of chopped strand mat fiberglass 9 yards of assorted colors of carbon fiber 8 sheets of 2'x4&#0391/2&quotbulsaThat's the short list.

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