Ice Cream Parlor Dinette Set

14 tools

I took wood tabletop and broken wood seats off. Sanded the tabletop and applied a stain. Cleaned and sprayed the metal frames with hammered-finish paint. Cut new seats out of plywood using a jigsaw. Cut padding and material too. Wrapped material over the padded seat and stapled edges to underside of plywood. Trimmed excess then screwed seats back onto chair frames. For added touch, I painted a medallion in center of tabletop to match pattern on cushions, then covered with polyurethane.


Stain Polyurethane Plywood Spray paint Sandpaper Wire brush Screw driver Scissors Outdoor upholstery cloth Padding Paint and brushes Math compass Battery powered jigsaw Stapler and staples

Step 1

A rusty old ice cream parlor chair with broken seat. The other chair (not pictured) was in similar condition.

Step 2

Before picture of the table to the ice cream parlor dinette set, which was in better shape than the chairs, but it still needed help.

Step 3

In Progress: With wood removed, the metal frames are being painted. The plywood on ground shows where I'd cut out new boards for seats. (One chair not shown.)

Step 4

All done with the antique ice cream parlor dinette set. I hand-painted a custom medallion in the center of tabletop to match material on chair cushions.

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