Inexpensive Condo kitchen remake

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by: Bunny Lou Jean on 12/10/2013 Views 6285



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I wish I had a bigger pic before... but I really didn't know it would be a "before". Look at that horrible drop down ceiling...
This is my first place and I was terrified to do anything... but it was so horrible I was pushed into dealing with reality. Luckily I have a handy, motivating friend.
Pulled the drop down, down; gained a whole foot of ceiling in doing so! Replaced the light with a 40 dollar track light (I'll upgrade someday), patched the ceiling (10 dollars), faux granite counter tops- 25 bucks (youtube), some tile primer - 7 bucks and paint from my living room, chalk board paint - 10-15 bucks on the terrible yellow appliances... yep.
I highly recommend that chalk board paint if you're in a similar situation. Also I've had the painted counters for over 6 months with no real drawbacks. I'm so frugal I just can't see blowing thousands on new counters or appliances so I'm very pleased.

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