Install recessed LED lighting in the younger boy's bedroom


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Ongoing project. Fixtures have arrived. First holes in the plaster have been made. New wiring has yet to be routed, let alone installed. The hardest part of the project is getting the courage to stick my poor arm in all that fiberglass insulation to push the wires through. Yuck!

The series of holes from the switch to the ceiling shows the path the wire is going to have to take. This switch will ultimately be a dimmer controlling the full set of four of these recessed LED lights.

This switch currently switches power to the window air conditioner permanently mounted in the wall across the room. I was astonished to discover the wiring must go under the floor and not through the ceiling. (We have central AC now.)

That scuffed metal you see behind the wall is the metal siding of the original house. This bedroom is an addition, and a mighty peculiar one at that.

This is the hole where the recessed light will be installed. I've already removed the insulation. I'm more than a little concerned about the termite poop I see up there. (Much more on that topic to come in other posts elsewhere.)

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