I've made a vintage car for my son

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by: daniZ on 04/09/2017 Views 1549



Tools & Materials

  • Plywood
  • Wood
  • Electric engine
  • Gas pedal


I want to share my electric retro car project. This is a little go kart for kids which looks like 20th racing cars. It's capable to get 9 Mph (15 Kmh), it can run on one charge more than 3 hours (up to 6 hours depending on the speed and the terrain). It has bicycle lights, upholstery, luggage space and adjustable seat.
Oh, important thing - the car is made mainly from wood and it's construction is very easy, so if You have time, workshop and kids - I recommend to build electric car for Your kids. It's not so hard and they will definitely have a real fun driving it.

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