Kichler Bollard Lighting supplement


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We purchase a two Kichler Bollard lights from Amazon. What we did not understand is that the picture, which showed the whole unit, is not what we received. We only got the very head of the light kit. We took a look at what the price was for two base mounting kits and they were very expensive plus shipping. As an alternative, we went to a local hardware store and picked up two small lengths of ABS four inch. black waste pipe and two coupling sleeves. I notched out the top with a small dremel sanding barrel. Perfect fit. I drilled small 4 holes up at an angle and used stainless screws to attach the Kirchler head to the ABS pipe (screw head on the internal side of the light kit). The coupling sleeve was mounted into concrete. Paint to suite and secure with countersink cres screws.

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