Kids Level Gameboard Table

15 tools

Scrap 1x6s and plywood from a clubhouse project. Made into a floor level game table for the family. Built the table to fit Ticket to Ride 10th aniv. Oversize GameBoard. Nervous about angling legs to sit flat. Not sure how to figure the correct angle, and the legs are not all connected at the same measurements. Legs food for stowage behind couch, but 2x4s made this thing heavy. Next time I'll use 1xs. Worked with what I had in a limited budget.


Polyurethane Drill Circular saw Wood glue Sander Jig saw 1x6s of varying length Plywood for mounting short 1x6s Stain of your choice Various grits of sandpaper Steel wool 0000 Mitre saw Wood filler or silicone caulk 1in forstner bit Bolts nuts and washers

Step 1

Glued and stained. Ready for polyurethane.

Step 2

Oversize GameBoard 10th Anniversary of Ticket to Ride served as the guide for the dimensions of this table.

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