Kitchen On A Budget


This kitchen including a new stove, refrigerator,dishwasher,floor,plumbing,electrical,drywall, lighting and paint cost about $1,200 dollars. I got the cupboards for free at the curb and off the freenet. I went to the Home Depot and had them draw me up a sketch based on what I told them I wanted it to look like. With the sketch in hand I cut the cabinets down to size,and made a few new ones to supplement what I had. Then made new doors out of MDF and painted them. I used 2x4's to make the corner cabinet sick out farther than the others. For the paint I used a special paint and a Walcom Slim S HVLP spray gun . I chose this gun because my compressor couldn't keep up with a bigger gun. This was a house that I bought to flip. Check out the bathroom pictures for the same house.

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