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by: kelemvor on 08/08/2008 Views 16329



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Redid our kitchen from an old, dark, dingy kitchen to a new, white, bright, awesome kitchen.New fake wood floor, new countertop, and white paint on the cabinets.We did the cabinets first and just sanded them all down, primed them once or twice and painted them with a semi-gloss paint from Sears. New hardware and hinges and it all looks great.Next we did the counter. A blue denim type pattern from Menards. Installed fine but the corner didn't work so well. It's not totally even and I couldn't get it flat. Oh well.Floor was done in one night due to a party the next day. Started after work and finished at like 3AM. Don't recall the brand but was a special. Each piece looks like 2 slats. Didn't tear up the original floor. Just put the blue foam padding type thing down and the floor right over it.Don't recall the pricing but cabinets was just $40 or so for a gallon of primer and a gallon of paint. Counter was probably $100 or so. Flooring was obviously more but was well under $1,000 if memory serves. Just gotta shop around for a nice sale.Thanks for looking.

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