Kitchen Remodel

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To save costs on our kitchen remodel I did all the work myself; including building the cabinets from scratch. I bought a used panel saw off Craigslist for $350 and set it up outside under plastic. The waste lines were were extended in the crawl space using ABS and copper was used for the water lines. I moved the sink to the corner and added an island sink near the stove. My wife ordered a Tuscan mural on six inch tiles; I framed the mural with 2" x 12" stone tines. The rest of the walls between the upper and lower cabinets were done with 4"x4" Venetian tiles. I used 3/4" MDF for the cabinet body and wood face frames. Blum European hinges were uses on all doors, self-closing drawer slides were used on the drawers. I wanted something different for the doors which was very difficult. I rabbeted edge molding to wrap the inside of each door. The wife wanted a pantry, broom closet and slide in trash bins. I built the broom closet next to the full size refrigerator and extended the upper cabinet out to enclose the refer. I built the pantry at the left side with two heavy-duty drawers and shelving above. The hardwood floor was nailed down and a french door replaced the original slider.


Drywall 3/4&quotMDF Doug Fir Mud Tape and texture Sinks and Lighting were purchased from Hardwood Flooring Bulm Hidges from Rockler Corbels came from VanDykes Cabinet Wood came from Home Depot Other hardware came from Lowes Hardwood Flooring came from PriceFloors

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