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We gutted a tiny galley kitchen and blew out half of the wall separating it from the dining room. There was a door in the kitchen that's now an over-sink window. There was a window in the DR that's now a sliding door that opens onto the deck. All work was done by my wife and me -- with help from my brother -- over a period of 6 weeks.Two electrical circuits were added for a total of five (microwave, dishwasher, lighting and two appliance.) Three switch legs control the center light fixture, under cab puck lights, and the rope lights above the wall cabinets. The electrical wiring for the dining room light fixture also had to be re-routed because it originally ran down through the wall we removed.Plumbing for the sink and DW was re-routed to the exterior wall. Cabinets are semi-custom all-wood cherry. The countertop is about to get replaced with granite. The one in the picture is formica, and the bullnose is 1x2 oak, hand formed and stained. Due to budget constraints we re-used the ten-year old appliances. They will be replaced when the new countertops go in.The original 2nd level deck was 4' x 4' -- too small for the 6-foot sliding door. We wound up building a new one and using the old one as a base for a gardening station.Finally, we replaced the carpet and lino with oak parquet flooring.


Cabinets sink faucet and countertops were $3k. Material for moving the 2nd-story deck to the new door's location was roughly $800. Sliding door &ampwindow were $1200. Hardwood flooring was about $600. Framing lumber drywall and miscellaneous materials made up the rest.

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