Kitchen Remodel

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by: MacawPa on 07/03/2012 Views 7864



Tools & Materials

  • Solid White Oak Cabinet Fronts
  • Custom glass for Pantry Door
  • Solid Birch Drawer Boxes
  • Netuno Granite Counter Top
  • GreyTan Porcelain Floor Tile
  • MultiTool
  • Mouse Sander
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • PrepPrimerQuality Paint Walls


Kitchen Remodel :
Formerly wallpapered, plaster walls - Stripped, cleaned, repaired, skim coated, primered, repainted.
Cabinets - Kept boxes but stripped, cleaned, primer, paint, re-shelf-paper. Remade surrounds to over-range-microwave and over-refrigerator. New, solid white oak doors - stained and varnished. Hidden Euro hinges.
Drawers and fronts - New birch drawers and white oak fronts. Reincorporated preexisting tin bread box and wooden silverware partitions in s'ware drawer.
Netuno Granite Countertop.
Moved Microwave from counter to over-the-range.
Floor - Carperted foyer, vinyl kitchen and vinyl laundry room all gutted down to sub-floor and redone with backer-board and grey/tan porcelain tile.
Lighting - Formerly 4' Flourescent over sink - removed and replaced with can light.
Electrical - Clock outlet moved to in-cabinet for over-range-microwave. Seperate, single-switches merged to single plate, double switches. Pre-existing power strips removed.....
Gas, Water - Incorporated on/off valves to all lines.
Water Filtration added under-sink.
Time - approx 11/1/11 - 5/31/12.

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