Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen Remodel : Formerly wallpapered, plaster walls - Stripped, cleaned, repaired, skim coated, primered, repainted. Cabinets - Kept boxes but stripped, cleaned, primer, paint, re-shelf-paper. Remade surrounds to over-range-microwave and over-refrigerator. New, solid white oak doors - stained and varnished. Hidden Euro hinges. Drawers and fronts - New birch drawers and white oak fronts. Reincorporated preexisting tin bread box and wooden silverware partitions in s'ware drawer. Netuno Granite Countertop. Moved Microwave from counter to over-the-range. Floor - Carperted foyer, vinyl kitchen and vinyl laundry room all gutted down to sub-floor and redone with backer-board and grey/tan porcelain tile. Lighting - Formerly 4' Flourescent over sink - removed and replaced with can light. Electrical - Clock outlet moved to in-cabinet for over-range-microwave. Seperate, single-switches merged to single plate, double switches. Pre-existing power strips removed..... Gas, Water - Incorporated on/off valves to all lines. Water Filtration added under-sink. Time - approx 11/1/11 - 5/31/12.


Solid White Oak Cabinet Fronts Custom glass for Pantry Door Solid Birch Drawer Boxes Netuno Granite Counter Top GreyTan Porcelain Floor Tile MultiTool Mouse Sander Blue Painters Tape PrepPrimerQuality Paint Walls

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