Kitchen Remodel

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We had a large kitchen with tile countertops we just hated, lots of very pooly organized cabinets and a boring all whiteish color scheme. We wanted a bold design statement, an efficient kitchen with more compact prep and cooking areas, good storage and and a family eating area. New Zodiaq countertops, tiled flooring, painted baseboards and trim. Added and moved cabinets around, added and changed appliances, new lighting, sink, plumbing, pantry drawers, external mount extractor fan, RO water hot tank/chiller system and a major new expanded island including a dining area. We are very happy with everything, took about 4 months to complete but only had 2 days without sink and water - simply not possible with a contractor. Only contracted trades were floor tiling and countertop fabrication and install.


Zodiaq countertops Mastercraft cabinets/doors U-Line Fridge Floor tile Home depot trim Smarthome light controls Plumbing supplies Electrical supplies Pendant light-track

Poor quality but you get the idea very white, odd (useless) low wall between family room and kitchen, big space at end of island - almost big enough for a table & chairs... almost

Island expanded dramatically (seats 7). Bold red, White & Blue color scheme (not for the faint hearted).

Looking the other way, new cabinets and appliances in place of the silly low wall. Countertop integrated sink, kitchen computer

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