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Tools & Materials

  • 3 pieces of granite 224"x 96"and 136"x 96")
  • Portable table tile saw
  • 140 pieces of 4 x 4 tiles
  • 14 pieces of 2 x 6 decorated trim tiles
  • 11 pieces of 4 x 4 flower tiles
  • 1 tile photo mural 6 tile peices in photos)
  • 5 peices of11 inches long decorated trim piecesthese are used for frame of the photo mural
  • Tile sealer --quart size
  • Various PVC plumbing pieces and glue
  • Dual head/single handle faucet with soap dispensor
  • Faucet for filter drinking water
  • Dual stainless steel sink


The project took about 5 days to do. I ordered the granite pieces from a granite store. Because the granite pieces were very heavy and I don't have the tools for cutting and polishing the granite, I hired three experienced granite installers to do the tear out and cutting and installing the granite pieces. Cost for the labors and installation around $1400. I did the remaining works--The tile back splash, the wall papering, the plumbing and installation of faucets and soap dispenser. I also did the granites and tile grout sealing myself.The frame for the tile photo mural were cut from decorated tile trim to look like a frame. The tile mural, consisting of 6 pieces of 4 x 4 tile, were ordered on the Internet. I first lay out the pattern that I want to have on the wall and then put the tile photo mural on first. A lot of cutting of tiles were done, since I wanted a diamond pattern for the back splash. Then the trim pieces were added to finish off the edges. I used sanded colored grout to match the color of the tiles. Wallpapering and sealing of granites and grout were done last. Old wallpapers were removed easily by using a flat blade scrapper to scrap the top vinyl section of wallpaper off; and then soaking the remaining portion of wallpaper with water. After a couple of minutes they lifted off easily.

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