Lead bend removal / replacement

Tommy DIY

Member • bellport, NY


Failed lead bend in tight location, complete removal of lead bend joint .Stuff rag pass hub area if sew gas present.Cut off lead bend near hub, drill along perimeter of lead joint one half inch into hub ,use mini hack saw to cut thru brass ferrel between lead joint ,pry up ferrel with small crow bar to complete cut,remove ferrel and chisel out lead and oakum, this is a slow process , use wire brush wheel on drill to clean out hub while shop vacuuming out debris ,wear mask and googles.Attach 4 by 3 inch compression donut. Block and hammer in 3 inch PVC bushing or use scissor jack against floor joist ,use dish washing liquid around bushing.Secure bushing from sliding out with blocks.Cement in new 3 inch PVC pipping to bushing and new flange for toilet. You just saved 1500 dollars by DIY.

photo of lead bend leading into 4 inch cast iron hub, the light grey lead on the inside of the iron hub is what must be removed.

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