Led RGB Patio Loundge furniture

8 tools

I used 20 gallon drums used for containing detergent for hotel laundry room tracing lines at a certain height to justifiey the height of the seats i used a metal saw, the bottom of the drums was made with coroplast panels i fixed the rgb base bulb to the base and centre of the seat cutting out a panel that could be accessed with Velcro then die-cutting a hole for the wire to pass then used extra extensions to plug it all the 90.00 was to purchase the RGB bulbs and extras for the installation to make the surface of the table fancier of course ordering a glass surface at the glass shop was part of it, the result is very pleasing to the eye in the evening, most defiantly a conversation piece .


Screws Drill Tape Wire Saw Pen Masuring Outlet

Step 1

Lounge RGB patio set made with 20 gallon drums

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