Make a Fiddle Cube

Jamie Zanye

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Everybody loves a fidget box or fiddle cube - I loved making my own, especially since I could get the fiddly cutting done online at I used Inkscape to design the cube, starting with a basic cube design and working from there. I uploaded my files to Ponoko, waited a few days and assembled the parts with PVA glue in about half an hour (not counting time to wait for the glue to dry).


3mm plywood

Step 1

Fidget boxes are awesome, especially if you can design your own - here's how I did mine.

Step 2

Another view of the finished box.

Step 3

I got my project cut online at Ponoko - the parts come in the mail with protective film on them.

Step 4

The parts pop out of the sheet, and you peel the film off. As well as the laser-cut parts, you need a piece of bamboo skewer, some small rubber bands, and a 5mm rare-earth magnet.

Step 5

Parts for the wheel

Step 6

Cut the skewer to fit like this.

Step 7

Add the gear-wheel.

Step 8

Glue on the back panel.

Step 9

Glue on the front panel.

Step 10

The parts for the rubber-band side. The spring came from a broken printer.

Step 11

Loop the bands on like this - you might find it easiest to use tweezers or fine pliers.

Step 12

Parts for the penny panel

Step 13

The magnet should fit tightly in the hole.

Step 14

Line up the penny panel and the wheel like this - glue them together.

Step 15

The braille panel goes on next.

Step 16

Add rubber band panel.

Step 17

Add the xylophone panel.

Step 18

You're done! Remember to clamp the box while the glue all dries, then enjoy!

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