My Brick Wall And Tile Job

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Wanted to build a wall high enough to sit on, with a cap seat, and was going to tile it. But as we got going, we decided to use old bricks that we got for free. And made a cap out of concrete poured in a mold made from crown molding and an old door.The block and mortar was about $150, then we needed more mortar concrete to put a pitch on the floor for the water to run off. The tile was expensive, more than we had figured but it was worth the extra cost. The bricks we got for free by advertising to pick them up we have over 800 bricks left over. Used 600. The caps ate up some mortar and sand we mixed it 2-to-1 sand to mortar worked great.As you can see it look like it has always been there.


Block Concrete mortar Bricks

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