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We had contractors (Superior Aluminum Installations & Royal Mulch and Nursery) build a covered patio and just knew we had to include a waterfall inside the screened area. So we had them leave an open area where I would build the remainder of the project. In hindsight, it would have been easier to build the waterfall first and then have the structure built over it. You gotta love 20/20 hindsight!Since my wife and I love traveling to Hawaii and had seen so many waterfalls on the various islands, we had our inspiration: Tropical plants with a crashing waterfall. This was my first ever attempt at building such a thing. I am very mechanical and a real fix-it guy, so it is not difficult for me to conceptualize a project like this. However, for a little extra help, I actually watched countless videos on YouTube and visited many local gardens that had water features. I gathered enough info to decide I could do it. So I did it.


The actual waterfall hardware from Webb's Water Gardens cost about $1000. The 3500lbs of rock from Smokey Valley Stone Cowas another $950 (delivered). The retaining wall blocks (behind the waterfalland rich topsoil from Lowe's was another $400 (delivered). All of the tropical plantsnot quite sure but it was at least another $600. As you can see it went over budget by almost 50%.

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