New auto restoration shop


Took three months for me to complete the exterior. I did all the work myself except the foundation, couldn't figure a way to get the concrete done without help. All the rest is mine. It is site framed, including the trusses. Double layer of house wrap, brown scratch coat, stone veneer and mortared. I have complete all the electrical and am now installing my own 2 ton split system heat and air. I will be using the shop to restore my 1936 2 door chevy coupe.

Step 1

Framing start. I built this new shop 100% by myself, no subs or assistants. just me.,,,and I am still sore

Step 2

Ready to start site built trusses

Step 3

Step 4

Ready for roofing, cornice and double wrap. Headed towards rock veneer

Step 5

roofing, double wrap, windows and service door in. Now for garage doors and stone lathe

Step 6

garage doors and scratch coat complete

Step 7

On with the stone

Step 8

Exterior complete. Now for inside...with HVAC!

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