New vinyl siding installation on a home built in 1915

6 tools

The 1000 square foot old home I had purchased was in need of a major remodel. The first thing I did was install new vinyl siding so I could be assured I wouldn't have any water intrusion problems while remodeling the interior. The project was relatively easy to do. First I ordered a huge dumpster so I could remove all the old siding material. Good thing I had a large dumpster because I filled it up completely. Removing the old siding was just labor intensive - really a no brainer. I used hammers and pry bars to tear the siding panels off. Big mess! Once all the siding was removed I installed a home wrap protective barrier using a staple gun and wrap tape. Installing new siding is fairly simple once you get the starter strip installed. I installed the starter strip around the entire house maintaining level. Vinyl siding panels are installed from the bottom up and staggered at the joints. I used galvanized nails to hang each piece of vinyl siding making sure to leave each nail head exposed about 1/8 inch. The project took about a good solid week doing it myself. My only expense was materials so I really saved a ton of money. Check out my site if you to see more details on this and more home projects...


Level Hammer Utility Knife Circular saw Prybar Shears

More vinyl siding installation information at:

Old siding removed and prepped with home wrap.

All the original siding has been removed. More details:

The home purchased as is. More details:

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