New vinyl siding installation on a home built in 1915

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by: Wood n Nails on 02/26/2013 Views 4777



Tools & Materials

  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Utility Knife
  • Circular saw
  • Prybar
  • Shears


The 1000 square foot old home I had purchased was in need of a major remodel. The first thing I did was install new vinyl siding so I could be assured I wouldn't have any water intrusion problems while remodeling the interior. The project was relatively easy to do. First I ordered a huge dumpster so I could remove all the old siding material. Good thing I had a large dumpster because I filled it up completely. Removing the old siding was just labor intensive - really a no brainer. I used hammers and pry bars to tear the siding panels off. Big mess!
Once all the siding was removed I installed a home wrap protective barrier using a staple gun and wrap tape. Installing new siding is fairly simple once you get the starter strip installed. I installed the starter strip around the entire house maintaining level. Vinyl siding panels are installed from the bottom up and staggered at the joints. I used galvanized nails to hang each piece of vinyl siding making sure to leave each nail head exposed about 1/8 inch. The project took about a good solid week doing it myself. My only expense was materials so I really saved a ton of money. Check out my site if you to see more details on this and more home projects...

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