Overcoming the Accor type flow tite for my new faucet


This went real easy once we figured out how to work around the Accor type push pull water shut off system. Neither my husband or I are plumbers so we wanted to keep it simple. Installing our new touch faucet was pretty easy once we watched the Delta video and then figured out how to work around the shut off system that was in place. I just went to Lowes and told the guy what two parts I wanted to connect. I found the part and I tested it on the faucet they had in the store to be sure I got it right.

My new Delta 2.0 touch faucet.

This is the builder installed push pull water control under my kitchen sink. The hose does not disconnect. Online info says you can unscrew the whole thing but reportedly at the risk of damaging g the line coming into it..

My solution was to buy a fitting that connected this white builders l e with the new line from my new faucet.

Here you can see the two connected up close. This way I was able to install the new faucet without the risk of damage and creating more work. Made the project very easy.

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