PC/PS3 Arcade Stick : Easy, High Quality & Affordable

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by: taroko on 08/14/2017 Views 986



Tools & Materials

  • Sanwa jlf tp 8yt joystick
  • Seimitsu ps14 gn c 30 mm x8
  • Seimitsu ps14 dnc
  • M4 screws and washers
  • Zero delay usb encoderjapan
  • Usb feedthrough
  • 10 foot male ab usb 2 cable
  • M2 brass standoffs and screws
  • Storage box
  • Wood board


The goal of this project is to make an affordable high quality arcade stick (or fightstick) in the easiest way possible. I recently discovered Retropie and wanted to have a custom arcade stick to play retro games.

Instead of building a case from scratch, we use a storage case to make the build much faster and easier. Sanwa joystick and Seimitsu button were used to achieve high level of performance.

I'm very satisfied with the overall results. The only difficulty encountered was reducing the thickness of the side panels with the forstner bit. Maybe a router would be a better alternative, but that will require an additional tool.

Build Video: https://youtu.be/L9NYNwv0HYk

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