Pinata cover up - Rainbow Dash


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Start: 1. Bought Pinata 2. Stripped Pinata 3.Cut up strips of tissue 4in wide by 16in long 4. Folded 16in strips (in hot-dog style) 5. Glued tissue to it self, creating a cylinder 6. Cut 1inch deep slats, spaced 1/2 inch apart 7. Then start attaching the strips from the feet up. 8. Tail: Layered strips of different colored tissue at the top of a 12inch strip. 9. Tail: Cut vertical lines up the tail, and stop short of the glued. 10. Glue tail to the back and cut hole into the back 11. Cut out eyes and a tail and you have a pony. 12. Fill with candy and string it up Make sure you have a bat or broom stick.


Glue Scissors Tissue Pinata


Strip it of the tissue

Finished attaching blue tissue

All done.

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