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Decided I needed a pot rack to store my fry pans - this was going to be easy and simple. The only additional cost was the copper slicer (which you can borrow from a tool library or buy or borrow - if you buy cost seems to be between 15 - 30). I put all the parts together - the wood dowel was slipped into the pipe before I did the final fit. I screwed the metal joint into a stud and let it rest overnight. Next day, hung pans from the pot rack with S hooks I got from the dollar store.


Screws Copper pipes and fittings Wood dowel

The various copper pieces put together - 45 degree angle joint + connector + connector with male adapter and female adapter 45 degree angle joint w screw holes built in

45 degree angle joint with Gorilla glue to help it set

Pipe slicer used to cut the copper pipe down to size - really easy to use

Hung up pot rack - let it rest overight and then hang. I used a wood dowel inside the copper pipe to help strengthen it. Total length is 36" on my wall - you can make it as long or short as you need.

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