Pull Down Message Center

Alan in AZ

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Pull down message center above kitchen desk, hides away completely when not in use - small cork pin-board, pen/marker racks, large post-it note tray and odds and ends tray: pens, pencils, erasers, cutters/trimmers, clips and small post it notes. Works great - used a lot - cleans up clutter when stowed.


Melamine shelf Drawer organizers Pull down hinges Knape Vogt Cork tiles and glue

Organizer in Pulled Down Position

Desk Area in Kitchen (you can see the pull down handle)

Half way down...

Stowed - underneath shot

Side view underneath - open

Side view underneath stowed

Left side - cork pinboard (tiles) pen/felt tip etc racks

Right side Pens/pencils, small post it notes, odds & ends, large post it notes

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