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We recently moved into a townhome as part of a downsizing effort, there is 6 of us and only 3 bedrooms. What was being used as a rec room is going to get divided in two with closets. We have already discovered plenty of strange things about the house, such as switches that do nothing. Not shown is the wet bar on the right side of the room, which we began to take out the other day. I wanted to post our build progress, primarily as I will have questions along the way. Upon removing the wet bar, we found one switch that led to a Romex cable buried in the wet bar framing. I couldn't comprehend what the plan was for it, but, it is a bit unnerving to know that there were un capped off bare wires that were not accessible, live whenever the switch was on. Any how, I pretty good with electricity as I studied EE in school and repaired CNC machine tools for the first 7 years of my career. Plumbing is my weaker point. I have done some basic sweating solder joints. My first challenge is to cap off the drain line from the bar. I will probably be chiseling around it to cut it and cap it below grade, and then bury it in concrete. The other challenge is to find out where the vent tube goes and whether I can just cap it in the wall


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Before Picture

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Before removing the wet bar

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