Recliner repair

10 tools

We have a large recliner the manufacturer used particle board and staples, NO GLUE. The recliner became loose and wobbly I removed the back and upholstery. Disassembled frame, reclaimed some old vanity tops, 3/4" plywood, traced/cut pieces. Reassembled, w/glue, clamps, screws and staples. Now we can sell recliner. Only cost was some glue, staples and some screws, which I already had on hand. Being southern Texas, I set up saw horses (reclaimed lumber) and worked outside. It took 3 days to finish, including set up/tear down. I didn't snap any pics.


Circular saw Glue Table Saw Jig saw Compressor Reclaimed plywood Clamps Air stapler A good work space Woodworking skills helpful

Step 1

I didn't take any pics of project, only had these pics to post for sale of recliner. It was my late brother in-laws, he was a large man. My sister wanted to sell it; however, a buyer noticed the rickety feel of the back frame. That's why I fixed it.

Step 2

Step 3

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