Resurfacing Old Concrete Floor


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Uneven old balcony concrete floor, glued on carpeting (removed, glue testing NEGATIVE for asbestos), floor leveling preferably not using (noisy) grinder or floor grinding machines, using leveling compound - either concrete mix or self leveling compound or any that bonds to old uneven concrete floor. This balcony concrete floor is uneven to up to 4 in on the long side. Issue: grinding and noise. Alternative: build wood /plywood sub floor). Ultimate goal: ceramic tiles on top. ( UPDATE.s.a. previous post on this project: level uneven concrete balcony in order to install a ceramic tile floor. Had some quote from a "resurfacing company" for level only. My response: "The company who gave me a quote for a concrete leveling subfloor was too expensive. That money only gets me the levelled concrete. My main goal is to have tiles installed over some reasonably even subfloor. That I will mostly build myself : using pressure treated lumber with concrete leveling compound over the deepest areas where the old drain hole was, and over top 3/4 inch plywood sheets. Mostly can do this myself. Would cost me under $1,000. I started already on minor sanding (using my own sander) to get the top of the old concrete (glue) smooth. Now precise measurements for the uneven length of balcony and marking how high to go across to get a m/l even subfloor. The stepup from the living room out onto the balcony would not be more than 3/4 inch plywood and 3/8 tile, not high at all. This is the best, easiest and cheapest solution. " To build a wood/plywood sub floor appears the easiest, less messy, invasive and noisy solution (as this is an apartment building). No heavy grinder necessary. The biggest problem was the dip where the old drain hole was (this is a completely closed-in balcony and no drain necessary). For that I will use (preferably premix) self level compound.


Plywood Concrete Mix SLC Pressure treated lumber

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