Retaining wall cap


4 years ago I had made the retaining wall but my wife and I couldn't agree on how the top was to be done. She wanted the planters to be continuous, and I told her there would be not support for the backing blocks. So I out waited her until she gave up and said, "Go ahead be bull headed and just do it!" So here it is for you to see. I'm 71 years old and so I couldn't use my cement mixer as I couldn't lift the bags of cement that high. I had to mix each batch in the tub shown in the second picture. It took 14 bags of Quick-krete per form. I also put two shovels of pea gravel with each bag along with 3/8 inch re-rod each form distance is 8 foot with a 6 foot planter box in the center. its 156 feet total distance. I attached the back blocks with construction cement. It will last until I won't be here. I hope you enjoy the pictures. My wife finally came around and agrees she love it now with the flowers.

Step 1

First Concrete Form

Step 2

Wall half way with tools

Step 3

Wall corner forms I changed my mind about using the planter box shown and made my own out of wood which was a better choice.

Step 4

Wall corner forms looking down from the top. I used Masonite for the strip that was bent. It gave a smother surface than plywood. All wood was smeared with motor oil for release of the forms.

Step 5

Wall corner w flowers and backing block

Step 6

Wall Second Corner w flowers and backing block

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