Retractable Hose Repair


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The hoses are a great concept, but I am now learning that they don't hold up very well. The expandable hoses are a great idea, but they do not hold up very well. I went to a home repair center and was told there was no repair for this type of hose. I went on-line and typed How to repair an expandable garden hose. I watched a You Tube repair using duct tape and a hose clamp. That got me thinking. I went to my local Ace Hardware store and purchased a Hose Repair 1/2 inch Female. Since the expandable hose tubing is smaller, they did not think it would work and I proved them wrong. It is a nice clean repair.

1.Test hose & cut off about 6" from "female" end.

2.Unscrew clamp from female end. Pull out tubing & down on fabric to expose tubing. Slide the tubing over the nipple of the female end.

3.Fill a microwave safe coffee mug with water & put it in microwave on high for 1 min. Dip the female end & partially attached tubing into the mug for 3-5 min.

4.Screw ends of the hose together so it is stronger. A rubber dish glove gave a better grip when I pushed on the tubing. Continue to push & turn tubing until it covers nipple.

5.Pull up the fabric with tweezers. Use a nail scissors to trim frayed fabric.

6.Line up the clamp. Tuck stitched side of fabric under the edge of the clamp & flatten. Piece with indents goes on top. Clamp will snap together as screws are tightened.

7. Water test OK. No leak & hose expanded

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