Retro Sunburst Jewelry Dish

8 tools

I though it would be both fun and organizational of me to make some stylish jewelry holders. I either take my jewelry off the second I get home or before I get into bed. So I wanted these dishes to look classy and part of the decor whether they be on an entry way table, on a side table or a dresser.


Spray paint Tape Pencil Ruler Ceramic dish Ceramic animal Cutting mat Exacto knife

Step 1

1. Cut stripes of painter's tape, and tape them down to a craft mat, then use your ruler to make draw large triangles. Then cut them out using an exacto knife, and tape them down to the plate.

Step 2

2. Tap the back of your plate before spray painting gold. Make sure you use paint has a primer. I would even suggest painting your plate all white then painting the gold accents so the paint adheres to the plate better.

Step 3

3. Place a little critter on the plate for added cute factor! My friend, Jeanette, gave me this little guy on my birthday because my Chinese Zodiac animal is a rooster - no surprise there!

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