RO Easy Access Hot & Cold Water System

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by: Alan in AZ on 12/10/2012 Views 3404



Tools & Materials

  • Premier RO system
  • Waterstone hot tank
  • Coolworks peltier chiller
  • No longer made
  • Dual RO faucet
  • Redesigned extensively
  • Extra Axial Exptank


Added a complete new triple filter RO system with instant hot & cold dispenser.

I mounted the filters in an easy acess panel behind a lockable cabinet door on the back of the island opposite the sink , below the "eat at" countertop. The RO tank, an additional expansion tank and both instant electric hot tank and electric (Peltier/Seebeck) cold tank mount inside the sink cabinet.

Great if a little expensive in total ... but used every single day - and great tasting water.

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