RO Easy Access Hot & Cold Water System

Alan in AZ

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Added a complete new triple filter RO system with instant hot & cold dispenser. I mounted the filters in an easy acess panel behind a lockable cabinet door on the back of the island opposite the sink , below the "eat at" countertop. The RO tank, an additional expansion tank and both instant electric hot tank and electric (Peltier/Seebeck) cold tank mount inside the sink cabinet. Great if a little expensive in total ... but used every single day - and great tasting water.


Premier RO system Waterstone hot tank Coolworks peltier chiller No longer made Dual RO faucet Redesigned extensively Extra Axial Exptank

Under the sink RO tank, instant hot tank, peltier cold tank & expansion tank (no filters in the cabinet...)

Other side of island - easy access for filter changes - removable tray underneath catches spilled water. So much easier to change

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