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I am well into my 2nd bathroom remodel, thankfully the first one is still fresh in my memory (not any more!). This time I'm carefully planning it out and starting slowly (and progressing slowly!) Also, I have a second bathroom so I won't have to shower at the gym! The 4 years (yes true) of this project was getting me down then about a month ago a fb friend turned me on to a cool role play/task management tool/game called HabitRPG At first I thought, what the heck - I need motivation not distraction. Besides that I am business major, a hard working professional with a tendency toward over extending myself. What good is a game going to do me? Hummm, was I ever wrong, it is fantastic! The game has a set of three behavioral options; Habits, Dailies, and Todo items (think honey do list!) It is super easy to get the lists set up and start playing. As you complete tasks you check them off and earn gold and rewards which, I have to say, it is fun and keeps my motivation up! Zombie wolf anyone? How about a dragon, lion skeleton, or maybe a blue cactus? The whole thing can be set up to suit individual needs, and has come in SUPER handy with the bathroom project. Habits that you want to establish (perhaps flossing?) or reduce (spending $ on Starbucks too often) can be set up which help you monitor your own behavior. Click on the + when you do the good behavior, on the - when you partake in those bad habits. You earn extra gold for maintaining daily streaks (like walk the dog, clean the cat box) and there are other fun features that help support and motivate improved behaviors. Like-minded individuals can form small supportive groups to encourage and cheer on one another in their goals. Challenges are available for those wanting to embark on stretch goals and of course there are rewards for winners. And for anyone that wants to become more involved there are options for that too, and of course rewards. It seems at first glance like it might just be a bit silly but I encourage you to give it a go, have a twirl around and see if you become super focused and productive! I have! Stay tuned for new pictures! HabitRPG Website: Last say: A fun simple tool you can use to help improve focus and productivity. About my project: The bathroom is 5' x 11' with adjoining closet that's a bit bigger than that. The existing bathroom is a dreadful place. There apparently were some water leaks (I just bought this place last year). Whomever did the repair work on the walls didn't understand *quality* so instead they covered up the job with this nasty dusty woven grass wallpaper. They also were using some strong chemicals in the tub because it's all discolored, the tile is this lumpy 1980's white, and the cultured (and discolored) counter tops are plain ugly. As if that wasn't enough the cabinets are poorly designed so some of the drawers are 6" wide--worthless (IMHO)! The toilet isn't seated properly so it moves when it's used, there's brass, chrome, nickel and some other dark metal fixtures, each old, worn and dated. Plan is to move the wall that partly separates the bath from the closet, add a walk in shower, take out a linen closet from the bedroom to make room to put the dual sinks along one wall, add in a exterior door, a claw foot tub, a garden window, and a pocket door to separate the closet from the bath ... all in under a year and as close to 5K as I can come. I'll be hunting high and low on FreeCycle, Craig's List, and the REstore for big savings!


Cabinets Claw footed tub Sinks Tiled shower enclosure Flooring Exterior door Garden window Faucets/fixtures Pocket door Construction materials

Nasty old shower

Shower area torn out

The vanity area

The (former) shower area with the new garden window, the tub will go here now the walk in shower is to the right.

Wall board is up, ready for taping.

Taped, mudded, and textured!

This is where the vanities were. They will now be to the right of the door.

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