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All Schluter System bathroom including Kerdi-membrane, Kerdi-board, Ditra, Kerdi Show-pan 1) Replace rotten floor substrate including joist and, wall studs 2) Demo'd 2300 lbs of old plaster, wall board, chicken wires, hot-mop tar, etc 3) Replace some wall board, including shower with 1 inch Kerdi board and shower-pan 4) Built shower seat on Kerdi-pan using 2" inch Kerdi board sealed with Kerdi-band and thinset 5) Put Kerdi-membrane on wall board for wainscot 6) Put Ditra on OSB for floor 7) Used DalTile subway tile for walls and shower (including ceiling) 8) Used DalTile mosaic for floor 9) Glass tile for 3 niches including toliet paper dispenser 10) New sink, toliet, vanity top granite, hardware,, lighting fixures 11) Reface and paint old vanity 12) Skimcoat and paint walls above wainscot 13) Added crown moulding a a finishing touch --------- Simple low cost tile better looking than fancy tile...very clean looking


Demo disposal $180 Tile thinset Grout $830 Toilet sink $510 Granite vanity shower $1400 Mirrormedicine cabinet $250 Vanity and ceiling lights $375 Kerdi board membrane $360 Kerdi shower pan drain $580

Step 1

Demo'd shower showing studs, soffit will be removed

Step 2

Shower showing Kerdi-Board and bench and niches

Step 3

Original vanity before granite and refacing (built 1958)

Step 4

Vanity refaced with granite top, mirrors replaced, wall cabinet matches vanity face

Step 5

Original show with sofit and wall

Step 6

Original toilet and shower closet and bathroom floor

Step 7

Back wall shows granite vanity and shower bench

Step 8

After removing sofit and side wall, the bright white subway tile make shower so much more cheery

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