Shady Shades - Upscale Sunglass Curtain

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by: maz212 on 08/14/2012 Views 4344


Tools & Materials

  • Power drill
  • Scissors
  • Old sunglasses
  • Fishing line
  • Wooden board
  • Clamp


Shady Shades is an unique upscale project that is incredibly easy to make and looks awesome! 1) You pop the lenses off of the frames (keep the frames!) 2) Arrange all of the lenses in the order you would like them first, to make the drilling easier. 3) Drill a hole on opposite side of the lens, except the bottom lens of each string. Hold the part of the lens you are drilling flat against a wooden board. Make sure the wooden board is clamped to the table for stability. 4) Using fishing line, attach the lenses to each other. 5) Attach some of your favorite frames to each other to create the top border of the curtains; afterwards attach each line of curtains to the frames. 5) Finito! You are done - enjoy your beautiful own Shady Shades!

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