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This project was a demo and reinstall of wall tile in our walk-in shower. The old tile was an ugly light pink color. Also the door was showing it's age. Removed the old door and took the walls down to the studs. Installed cement backer board and 4 x 10" subway tile. I went with a straight bond pattern to minimize the need for cutting. New shower door to complete the project. Had a problem with clearance on the new door with the towel rod on adjacent wall, so I removed the rod. Going to replace with a hook near the door to hang a trowel when in the shower and a towel ring further down the wall for a hand towel. Still have to install the shower head and control, but otherwise it will be ready for use this weekend.


Grout Caulk Durock cement board Aquadefense waterproofing Mapei ultralite mortar 4 x 10 inch subway tile Cement board screws Assorted tiling tools

Before the demo

Before the demo

Before the demo

Demo work

More demo

Cement board going up

Back wall almost done

All the tile in, waiting for grout and new door.

Essentially done. Just have to reinstall shower hardware, patch holes from removed towel rod, and install new hangers.

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