Simple Open Shelf

6 tools

1 Cut or have cut to length the laminated pine shelves. The measures will be 3 times 800 x 200 and 3 times 1200 x 300 mm. Mark the sawing route as seen on the drawing above. 2 Saw the holes using a simple jig saw. 3 Sand all the cut pieces in advance so they are nice and smooth. Double check if everything fits into their places by assembling the shelf. 4 Assemble the screws for the corroborating the shelf to the wall using a drill. 5 If you are painting the shelves, wipe to remove any dust and then apply your choice of paint. If applying a sealer or varnish it's also a good idea to do this before you assemble the shelf unit. 6 Assemble all the pieces together. If you want to make a standing shelf instead of a wall shelf, then just skip.


Paint Drill Brush Jigsaw Sanding paper Laminated pine

Step 1

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