small 230 V generator lighting led bulbs


small AC generator 230 V using a single neodymium sphere 13 mm diameter, a coil without core from a 230 V syncronous motor ( A4 laminators or microwaves turntable motor), a 3 V DC motor (inside electric car toys), and a battery. Materials: 3V Dc motor inside toys which using two batteries 1.5 V AA coil without core inside syncronous motor 230 V A4 laminators, microwave turntable motor (remove the core inside the motor) neodymium magnet sphere 13 mm neodymium screw pot metal case 13 mm ( remove neodymium magnet from the metal case ) plastic connector used to fix screw pot metal case dc motor ax inside car toys (heat the crew pot metal case to fix the plastic connector ) battery 3,7 V 3 led bubs 230 V 7 W and 3 E 27 sockets)

Step 1

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