Small Epoxy and Penny Side Table

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by: JesAtAeroMarine on 11/30/2017 Views 750



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I used AeroMarine Products 300 21 Epoxy, Minwax White Water Based Stain, Rustoleum Green Satin Finish Spray Paint, about 4.25 in pennies and an old side table to create a penny epoxy tabletop. I did several thinner pour coats instead of one larger pour so I could sand out any bubbles between coats. I used a water based stain because it allows the epoxy to penetrate and bond to the wood for a lasting finish that won't ever delaminate. The epoxy was self leveling which ensured my tabletop turned out nice and even, even though the wood was chipped and warped. The whole project took a week and was pretty inexpensive because the table was free.

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